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Optimize Media Performance in WordPress with Cloudinary.

Performance/ Security

One of the most important responsibilities to retain your website visitors are speed optimization and performance. Although there are quite a few ways to make your website faster, optimizing your media will give you the biggest speed boost.

Helping creative teams generate and manipulate content can be time consuming, leading to slower processes, and lower productivity. Cloudinary is the easy media management plugin for WordPress users that offers more powerful media manipulation, optimization, and management, than the native WordPress capabilities.

I will show you how you can:
* Create multiple variants of images and videos from a single master version for different pages and posts in real time
* Automate image and video workflow: from upload to dynamic URL-based manipulation to optimization to delivery over multiple CDNs, and of course, to transform your videos on-the-fly!
* Using the Cloudinary PHP SDK to customize your development with media
* And to ultimately make your WordPress website load at lightning speed!

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